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Athletic development

Train with some of the best coaches in the Northwest and change your game.

Program designed for middle school, high school and college athletes. New seasons start every three months; however, athletes can jump in whenever. See website for season days and times.

Athletes meet 3 times a week with elite coaches, focusing on:

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Reaction Time

  • And more!

Co​achFromAnywhere: Athletes get access to the virtual coaching portal to receive feedback on performance and skills. 

(additional fees may apply)

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Athletes of all ages and abilities receive expert input from our team to help them return from injuries, maximize their talent, and minimize the possibility of future injuries. Our team of medical professionals, coaches, and physical therapists ensure that athletes are getting the best performance-enhancing train-ing in the world.
@ The PC we are bringing the best athletic training to the Tri-Cities. With new technology, training methods and elite coaches, we are making sure our youth get the best opportunities available. In our 12-week training seasons, our athletes receive strength, sport-specific, agility, speed, and conditioning training. Collegiate and state championship coaches bring the latest and greatest to Tri-Cities youth. Specializing in technique and explosive training will allow our athletes to reach their speed potential. Coaches from all backgrounds provide athletic development to improve athletes from any sport! Blaze pods, cones, ladders, hex, and hurdles are just a few of the many tools we have to do drills that improve agility for our athletes.​

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Discounts on additional services



  • QEEG: Determines the status of your brain and assesses early cognitive decline or any abnormalities in the brain function. It serves as a benchmark should there be any changes in brain function in the future.

  • CNS: Computerized neuropsychological tests to measure, evaluate and track cognitive function.

  • Kinetisense: 3D measurement of Range of Motion, Balance, Posture and Functional Movement.

  • Fit-3D: Full body circumference scan that provides 3D visual.


SSR: Superset Stacked Recovery (SSR) uses an oxygen contrast system to profuse your brain with oxygen like you have never experienced before. The brain is super-oxygenated while your heart rate is increased to a comfortable aerobic level. The brain is able to rid itself of toxins and come alive, the whole body recovers from fatigue and maintains your vitality.​


Showcase Profile: Website profile of athlete for college and professional teams to view. Ability to post videos, pictures, bio and stats.


Cockpit: Proprioception and Spatial Awareness (PnSA) protocol increases balance and reaction time. See the changes as you go onto the field or court and feel the ball slow down and your sense of awareness increase.


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