Regenerative THERAPY

If you desire to improve your cognitive and emotional status; if you’re experiencing neurological decline; if you’re not performing to the standard you require, we are here to help you learn how to get your life back! Don’t let your injury or prognosis define you!  You are in control of your life!



Baseline Testing

To get where you want to go you have to have a game plan. Baseline testing is imperative to starting our program. A baseline allows you to efficiently manage your progress. Giving you, your own personal encyclopedia of your brain in your current state.


Offering a variety of treatments places all the puzzle pieces together. Utilizing each treatment allows us to assess and improve neurocognitive performance. Using these methods you will flush your brain with more oxygen then you’ve ever had. Your coach is alongside you, pushing you to be your best and offering daily support.

We have a variety of additional treatments @THEPC.


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Out-of-Clinic Programs

Change more than just your workout plan, change your life! These out of clinic services give you the opportunity to not only get in your best health physically, but also mentally.


CoachFromAnywhere: A web-based platform, allowing athletes and coaches to remotely analyze training using recording and telestration. CoachFromAnywhere is the first ever interactive based platform built to allow all athletes and coaches to have the best analyst in the world to work with them on developing their areas remotely from wherever they are. 

Legacy: Legacy is more than just an inspirational message. It is a daily reminder of who you are, who you want to become, and a friend to help you along that journey. Subscribing to Legacy gives you access to nutrition, life value tracking, journaling personal inspiration, and ideas on how you can push yourself to be your best Every. Single. Day.



THE Regenerative Therapy DEPARTMENT!

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