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The Pacific Clinic’s central campus is growing!

A much-awaited pickleball expansion is coming to The PC. Adjacent land has been purchased to build a championship indoor/outdoor pickleball facility. Many of the details are TBD and will be announced later. Due to pickleball's local, national, and worldwide growth, The PC is excited to offer more courts. Pickleball is a sport everyone can enjoy. It’s quick to learn, easy on the joints, and has a significant social component.

Shaelah Harmon, President and General Manager of the Pacific Clinic states: “We have more and more members adding pickleball to their membership each month and we certainly feel the need to expand. Over the last few years, we’ve made progress toward our goal of creating an incredible health and sports campus. Specifically, we have added cold plunges and made renovations to offer revitalizing therapies. Plans are underway for a brand-new heating and cooling system for our tennis and pickleball courts and a brand-new “kid’s wing” will debut later this year! As we continue to expand, we’ll also be incorporating outdoor activities. We understand the immense value that comes from being outside and we’re constantly trying to give our members the healthiest options possible. This addition of the indoor/outdoor pickleball facility allows us to offer more courts for tennis members as well, giving everyone a little more room. Pickleball ties perfectly into our mission. At The PC, play hard, live well is our war cry. Offering pickleball to our members, some with limited mobility, allows them to engage in competitive play and healthy social interaction while receiving fantastic health benefits”.

Jim Sandusky, Pickleball Director at the PC shares Harmon’s enthusiasm stating: “Staying active and social are the healthiest things you can do!”Sandusky joined The Pacific Clinic team as Pickleball Director in 2022 after retiring from a successful professional football and athletic director career. He is a pioneer of the game and has been playing for nearly 30 years. “The rise of popularity in pickleball has been substantial and thrilling. There is great energy for pickleball in our community and I’m eager to see how our pickleball expansion will contribute to the growth of the sport”

For more information contact: Shaelah Harmon, President/General Manager 509-783-5465 ext. 113

Pacific Indoor Classic, May 5 - 7th, 2023:

The Pacific Indoor Classic pickleball tournament is May 5-7, 2023 at The Pacific Clinic. Join us on May 4th for a taco feed jamboree to kick off tournament weekend. Events Include men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles for levels 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0+. Register today at

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