Purpose driven health

ntentional lifestyle changes for optimal health. Feel, look and sleep better for all occasions in your life. Change your life into what you've always wanted. Whether its to look better, feel like yourself again or to find new purpose. This customized program is the perfect fit for you.


  • CNS: Computerized neuropsychological tests to measure, evaluate and track cognitive function.

  • Kinetisense: 3D measurement of Range of Motion, Balance, Posture and Functional Movement.

  • QEEG: Determines the status of your brain and assesses early cognitive decline or any abnormalities in the brain function. It serves as a benchmark should there be any changes in brain function in the future.

  • Fit-3D: Full body circumference scan that provides 3D visual.

  • Test kit: Insulin and keto test kit with starter pack of test strips to help your monitor levels. This is self-administered and done as needed under direction of your coach and/or medical advisor.

Customized programs

  • Access to the Pacific Clinic Basic Wellness Services

  • Concierge physical therapy treatments

  • Cockpit- Proprioception and Spatial Awareness

  • SSR-Superset Stacked Recovery
    your life

  • Exercise: Meet with your coach 1 time per month to help design a personalized program to keep you on track with your goals.

  • Recovery Zone: Receive customized program on treatments offered in the Recovery Zone. Let us help you maximize recovery post workout, assist with an injury, or de-stress your life.

  • Live your best life with our team of experts to guide you along the way.


Pacific Palate

  • Daily Wave: Six days a week you receive special inspiration from The Pacific Clinic. It is a personal reminder of what you are doing and an easy way to track how you are doing. Your coach follows your progress and provides additional encouragement along the journey. 

  • Record your legacy by leaving voice, video or picture memories.

  • Pacific Palate: A simple lifestyle eating program designed to help improve energy and reduce inflammation.

Healthy Salad
Fit Girl

SSR:Superset Stacked Recovery (SSR) uses an oxygen contrast system to profuse your brain with oxygen like you have never experienced before. The brain is super-oxygenated while your heart rate is increased to a comfortable aerobic level. The brain is able to rid itself of toxins and come alive, the whole body recovers from fatigue and maintains your vitality.


Physical Therapy: In the human body each joint is made up of muscles and bones that fit together in a certain way. When something rotates out of place due to injury or repetitive stress, pain is usually the result. Our therapists use their hands to feel subtle abnormalities so they can manually release tension and/or correct alignment. Our Physical Therapists create a personalized plan for you to keep you pain free and reduce the risk of future injury.


Cockpit: Proprioception and Spatial Awareness (PnSA) protocol increases balance and reaction time. See the changes as you go onto the field or court and feel the ball slow down and your sense of awareness increase.


HYPERBARIC: In a Mild Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber, the air is pressurized. Under these conditions, your lungs can gather much more oxygen. When your blood carries this extra oxygen throughout your body this helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.


NEUROFEEDBACK: Using EEG biofeedback, this therapeutic intervention provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses brainwave activity. The program then uses visual signals to reorganize or retrain brain signals.