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Be an athlete at any age 

Life Leaders.

You battled to be your best as a teenager, now is the time to be the best as an adult.


Now is not the time to quit.


Now is a time to rise to a new level of commitment and success.

Athletes of all ages and abilities receive expert input from our team to help them return from injuries, maximize their talent, and minimize the possibility of future injuries. Our team of physicians, coaches, and physical therapists ensure that athletes are getting the best performance-enhancing training in the world.


The Best Athletic Development In the Northwest

Speed Training - Skill Training - Weight Training - Cognitive and Neuro Function Training - and imaging and exposure to universities and Coaches

Be coached and trained by those that have been champions and made champions


Learn How to play by learning how to train

Many players think that being great is something that comes naturally. The truth is natural is as natural does, train to be great and greatness comes naturally. Get true sport-specific training by coaches that have played and competed at the college and professional level and coached champions. Find gains in the weight room and training facilities that translate to your game. Be monitored by doctors, physical therapists, and game improving trainers. Get faster and more explosive with world-class speed training.

Participate in a skills clinic or be a part of the 12-week offseason or in-season Athletic Development programs and change everything about your game and your life.

The Best Way to be great is to be trained by those that know great

You can read a book, you can spend a lot of money going to camps or buying the best equipment, but the number one way to achieve your goals requires not simply hard work-- but smart work. At the Pacific Clinic you will have the opportunity to work as much and as hard as you are willing.   You will work with coaches and mentors that understand what it takes to get there.  Athletes that became champions and those that have coached some of the greatest athletes in the world. Working smart, working hard, and staying on point will get you where you want to go.

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Steve brings a valuable perspective and vast knowledge to all sports but especially football. Coach White was a high school football and basketball star.  He was an All-State performer, achieving 3-time All-Conference defensive back honors as well as being a 3-time All-Big Nine basketball player. He played junior college football and basketball at Walla Walla Community College. While at WWCC the Warriors were undefeated in Junior college play and White led the nation in Passer ratings and percentage. From there, White went on to start and caption the UNLV rebels winning the starting job at quarterback in front of the future NFL MVP Randell Cunningham. Due to persistent health issues, White transferred from UNLV to Eastern Washington University at the start of his junior year.  He left the Eagles after one season to begin his professional career, with the BC Lions of the CFL. However, his health continued to decline.  He suffered Achilles tears in both legs and began to suffer from what is now known as (PCS) Post-Concussion Syndrome. Later White would learn that he had experienced at least 5 significant concussions over his career but more importantly he had experienced what neurologist call sets (multiple concussions occurring before healing). As years advanced White experience frequent blackouts, cognitive decline, and seizures before receiving life changing relief here at the Pacific Clinic. The amazing news is, Coach White has been able to turn his health around by using proper testing and a rigorous brain protocol. He feels he is in a place he hasn’t been for a very long time, Healthy! Coach White’s passion is to help young athletes learn how to avoid injury and concussions while developing a wonderful perspective that keeps them not only physically healthy but emotionally healthy as well. Coach White says your future starts when you realize that no matter what you've gone through, it's time to make your life all that God has given to you.  This week is a new start and will be the greatest week you've lived so far because next week will be greater.


Cody Wilson

Cody was a Quarterback and Linebacker on a Texas state championship football team.  He added to his athletic resume as a track and basketball star in one of the most competitive high school sports states in the country. Coach Wilson went on to be a college All-Star and play 6 years professionally as a wide receiver. Cody’s performance as an athlete and fascination with some of the best coaches and exercise physiologists in the country has made him one of the greatest sports training experts in the country. The Syracuse University strength coach, along with many other collegiate and high school coaches have called Coach Wilson one of the rising stars of the strength training world. Coach Wilson has trained NFL and CFL players, MMA stars, and even a world champion boxer. Some of Coach Wilson’s proudest moments come from helping high school and college athletes get to the next level in their life. Coach Wilson has helped create track stars, football scholar-athletes and golfers training for the PGA.  But his proudest accomplishment as a coach was training a special needs athlete who won the Special Olympic Gold medal in powerlifting. Coach Wilson is the guy you want on your side when you are reaching for new dreams and goals.  


Keith Duncan

Keith is remembered as one of the best running backs to come out of the Columbia basin. Coach Duncan proved during his playing days that speed did not have to come naturally but could be accomplished by proper coaching and hard work. Some senior coaches refer to Coach Duncan as the quickest back to have played in the Columbian basin, even though as a junior high player he was not known for his speed. Coach Duncan went on to become a college All-American and further his career as a football coach with the state champion team, Kamiakin Braves. Coach Duncan is best known for his exceptional, if not astonishing track coaching career. At Kamiakin High School, he coached many individual state champions in route to becoming the Columbia basin’s best track team. Coach Duncan’s culminating event was the state championship in 2019. Coach Duncan is regarded as one of the best speed coaches on the west coast. His discipline and knowledge are as good as it gets and Duncan couples that knowledge with the best technology in the country. He works to help players develop speed and explosiveness and achieve goals they never imagined they could. Coach Duncan has become invaluable to the best of the best and helps those wanting to become faster and better achieve their dreams. Coach Duncan is the right coach to help you overcome any stigma you think is keeping you from becoming the scholar-athlete you want be. 


Jim Sandusky

Who could have imagined that a 5’9” 145 lb. receiver from Othello, Washington would go on to become a 3-time First Team All-American and Hula Bowl MVP? After leading the nation for 3 years in receiving, kick returns, and punt returns, Jim would decline being drafted by the New York Jets and accept a contract with the BC Lions. This is where he started his career to become a perennial All-Pro and 2-time Gray Cup Champion. Later in Jim’s career, he was slated to be a starting receiver and punt returner for the Seattle Seahawks when he unfortunately broke his ankle two years in a row. Defying all odds, Jim came back from his injuries returning to the CFL and regaining his all-pro status.  He ended his 14-year career with the distinct honor as one of the only people in history to be an actual coach while playing professional football.


After leaving the CFL Jim took one of the most unsuccessful football teams in the state of Washington and made them into a state powerhouse. They went on to play in 12 state championships taking them from a team without a football field to one with a beautiful stadium and winning their first State Championship. Numerous college, professional, and high school coaches consider Jim one of the best skill position coaches in the country. To the Sandman, the beauty was always in defeating the odds. Find out how Coach Sandusky can help you defeat the odds you may be facing in your life.  

Meet Your Coaches

Athletic Development @thepc

@THE PC, we are setting a new standard for athletes. Who you are as an athlete, how you train to be the best in your sport, and how you translate that into the rest of your life. The Pacific Clinic has some of the best facilities in the Northwest and has coupled that with the best coaching staff in the country for developing athletes. We’ve added state of the art training technology with our medical professional supervised testing and treatment facilities- giving you the opportunity to become the scholar-athlete that you strive to be! Additionally, we develop a digital player profile so we can help introduce you to universities and professional teams around the world.

Sign up now for the winter season to take advantage of discounts and a free certificate for a Coach From Anywhere session.  Take advantage of professional coaching from the comfort and familiarity of your home field. Make sure you’re one of the few that will get to experience having the best coaches, trainers, physical therapist and mentors as well as you own university facilities to launch your career.  Call today to set up a tour of the Athletic Development University @THEPC


“Pacific Clinic Gave me the tools on and off the field to be the most successful Quarterback I can be”

Zach Borisch 

University of Idaho Quarterback

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