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Pacific Clinic Info:

1350 N Grant St.
Kennewick, Wa 99336

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Meet the Team

Shaelah Harmon.png

Shaelah Harmon

President/General Manager

509-783-5465 ext. 213

Cassidy Yepez .png

Cassidy Yepez

Marketing Director


Derek Harmon

Fitness Director

509-783-5465 ext. 214

T Khounnala 2.png

T Khounnala

Tennis Director

509-783-5465 ext. 219

Quentin Hanley.png

Quentin Hanley

Service Desk Director

509-783-5465 ext. 235

Steven Moser.png

Steven Moser

Facilities Director

509-783-5465 ext. 236

Tukker Brown.png

Tukker Brown

Member Engagement Specialist

509-783-5465 ext. 230

Allison Hoskins .png

Allison Hoskins

Medical Office Director/Client Advocate Director

509-783-5465 ext. 224

Kat Lawrence.png

Kat Lawrence

HR Director

Jim Sandusky.png

Jim Sandusky "Sandman"

Pickleball Director

509-783-5465 ext. 253

Penny Horst .png

Penny Horst

Family Programs Director

509-783-5465 ext. 237

Kelli Dunfee.png

Kelli Dunfee

Aquatics Director

509-783-5465 ext. 223

Peggy Ketchum.png

Peggy Ketchum

Membership Billing 

509-783-5465 ext. 216

Health, Sports and Medical Services

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