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Kennewick Weight Loss Clinic

Creating healthy, sustainable life changes. Insurance accepted!

 Are you ready to embark on a journey toward a healthier, more vibrant you?


Our comprehensive 6-month program is designed to go beyond conventional weight loss methods, offering a unique blend of medical expertise, personalized coaching, and cutting-edge strategies for sustainable change.

Take the first step towards your better self today!

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Medically Supervised


Having a dedicated medical provider as an integral part of our Weight Loss Program at The Pacific Clinic is a crucial aspect that sets us apart. 

  • Safety First:

    • Our nurse practitioners prioritize your health and safety throughout the program. 

  • Personalized Approach:

    • With a thorough understanding of your medical history, our nurse practitioners tailor the program to meet your individual needs. This personalized approach considers any pre-existing conditions, medications, or specific health concerns to create a customized and effective plan.

  • Preemptive Health Monitoring:

    • Beyond just weight loss, our nurse practitioners monitor your overall health. Regular check-ins allow for a preemptive assessment, addressing any emerging health concerns and adjusting the program as needed.

  • Pharmaceutical Assistance Options:

    • With optional pharmaceutical assistance options, like Semaglutide, our nurse practitioners can provide additional support if deemed beneficial for your weight loss journey. This ensures a comprehensive and flexible approach to your well-being.

  • Diverse Perspectives:

    • Our team includes both male and female nurse practitioners, offering diverse perspectives and a comfortable environment for all participants. This inclusivity is designed to make every individual feel supported and understood on their journey.


How does our program work?

Getting Started: Meet with a Client Advocate

Our dedicated client advocates are here to guide you through this personalized consultation. This one-on-one session serves as a valuable opportunity to discuss your objectives and any struggles you might be facing.

Month 1: Foundation and Assessment

  • Medical provider visit​

    • In-person, medical history review​

    • Discuss medical concerns, opportunities for improvement, and pharmaceutical assistance if desired

  • 4 visits with your coach

    • Weekly appointment to set a firm foundation in nutrition and positive thinking


Month 2: Get the Ball Rolling

  • 2 visits with your coach

  • 8 Superset Stacked Recovery protocol sessions

    • 2 per week

    • Increased Hormonal and Metabolic Activation and Aerobic Tolerance

    • Cardiovascular Improvement

    • Learn More!

    • Increased Blood Flow

Month 3 - 4: Building Momentum

  • 1 visit with your coach

  • 4 personal training sessions with your coach

    • 1 per week​

Month 5: Killing It

  • 1 visit with your coach

  • 2 personal training sessions with your coach

    • 1 every other week​

Month 6: YOU DID IT

  • 1 visit with your coach

  • 2 personal training sessions with your coach

    • 1 every other week​

  • Final weigh-in and graduation ceremony!


Our Program is Centered Around:

  • The 7 Essential Elements

    • Thought

    • Breathing

    • Nutrition

    • Sleep

    • Atmosphere

    • Movement

    • Purpose

"Let’s focus on the good stuff- You!

To get better you need to acknowledge

the good and envision how

GREAT, you can be!'

Program Includes:

  • Weigh-ins with your coach

  • Accountability

  • Monthly body composition scans

  • A dedicated care team- your coach, Client Advocate, and medical staff

  • Instructional breathing and quick set videos

The Best Form of Self Care

Enrollment: $199.00

6-month program (Insurance):

$152.00/mo (Members*)

$250.00/mo (Community)

Includes 3 visits with the provider through your benefits


6-month program ( No Insurance):

$202.00/mo (Members*)

$300.00/mo (Community)

Includes 1 visit with the provider included with the program. Additional visits are self-pay.


You must remain a member of The Pacific Clinic for the duration of your 6-month Medical Weight Loss program.


You can do it!

Get Started

Take Control of your Health!

Give us a call at 509-783-5465 ext.228  or email Ramiro, our Client Advocate at

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