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Well membershp Info

Membership Info

Wellness Membership Changes

Memberships can be changed to another membership type at anytime. Fees may apply. Additional proof of residence or dependents may be required.

Dress Code

Shirts, shorts/pants, and shoes are required in all areas except in the aquatic areas, and some group fitness classes. Tops must cover the chest and back. Midrift is to be kept to 2 inches or less.  Bottoms must cover the entire groin, butt and the top of your thigh. Clothing with profanity or offensive language are not allowed. Black-soled running shoes are not allowed in the gymnasium or on the tennis, pickleball, or racquetball courts. Proper swim attire is required in the aquatic areas.

Account Charges

Lessons, merchandise and food items can be charged to your Clinic account. Clients are billed and drafted monthly. It is the main member's responsibility to monitor their children’s charges to the membership account.

 Clinic Cash / Referral Credits

Restrictions Apply:

Cannot be applied toward monthly membership dues. Cannot be redeemed at Brady's Cantina.

Monthly Dues

 Wellness membership dues must be paid through electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit/debit card. Discounts apply when paying via EFT. There is a $40.00 charge for returned non-sufficient funds & a $15.00 late fee if dues are not paid in full each month.

Lost & Found

The Pacific Clinic is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please lock your valuables while working out and while showering. If you forgot your lock, leave your keys or ID at the service desk & we'd be happy to loan you one!

In the unfortunate event that you do lose something, lost & found items are saved for one week. Contact the service desk in order to retrieve your lost item.

Dress Code

Guest Policy 

The Pacific Clinic reserves the right to turn away out of town guests based on capacity limitations.

Friends Working Out

Guest Pricing

Age 0 - 2: $5.00
Age 3 - 5: $10.00
Age 6 - 13: $15.00
Age 14+: $20.00

Local Guests​

Only guests of clients are allowed to use the Clinic. Guests must be accompanied by the client inviting them to use the Clinic, or have a pre-paid guest pass given to them from a client. Guests may not walk into the Clinic and purchase a guest pass without a client present. Local guests of clients may only use the Clinic 4 times over the course of a calendar year. All guests of clients must sign in and show proof of I.D. 

Children under age 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult when entering the clinic, and the accompanying adult must remain in the clinic the entire time their child(ren) under age 12 is in the clinic.  Children under 12 must be directly supervised by an adult unless in a PC supervisor activity. 

Out of town guests (25 miles or more)

Out-of-town guests who live 25-miles or more from the Pacific Clinic may purchase a guest pass and use the Clinic. Guests must show proof of out-of-town residence.  Groups with 10 or more guests must call and schedule their visit in advance.  Please call 509-783-5465 and ask for the Kids' Program Director.  Being a private Clinic, Pacific Clinic reserves the right to turn away out-of-town guests based on capacity limitations.

Guest Policy


Reservations are required for most of our swimming lap lanes and at all times in our Recovery Zone.

How to make a reservation

Call 509-783-5465, stop by the Service Desk or use the Pacific Clinic app!

Swimming Lap Lanes

Lap lane reservations not used within the first 15 minutes will be void and the lane will become available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All lane reservations are 1 hour long. 

Individual Lanes: 

Pool 1: lane 1 and lane 2.

Pool 2: lane 2 and lane 3



Shared Lanes (circle swimming, partner training/fitness; Max 2 persons):

Pool 2: lane 4 and lane 5

No RSVP is required. First come, first serve Lane:

Pool 2: Lane 1​​

Recovery Zone

ALL services require a reservation, even if there is no one currently using the station. 

Reservation Policies

Family Programs

We love helping families keep their kids healthy & Active at all ages!
Here are our guidelines to keep them safe:

Age Policies

Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult when they enter the Clinic, and that adult must remain in the Clinic the entire time their children are in the Clinic. 

We have designed several areas around the Clinic to be safe for kids. Please keep your kids out of the hallways and in their appropriate locations. 

Pre-teens (12 to 13) are welcome to use the upstairs facility and participate in group exercise classes alongside a parent/guardian. 

*wristbands are required. see the service desk for more info

*See fitness center/weight room policies for more info/guardian. 

Jungle Gym Nursery

For children newborn - 5 years old

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Kids' Activities

For children 6 - 13

Kids Playing Tug of War


Swim Suits Required

Only proper swim attire is allowed: clothing specifically designed for swimming – one or two-piece swimsuits for girls and lined swim trunks for boys; only Lycra swim shirts allowed.  Inappropriate bathing suits or street clothes, basketball shorts, or workout shorts are not allowed in swimming pools, hot tubs, cold plunges, or the steam room. We do allow full-coverage Lycra swim attire.

Aquatic Center
  • Children under 6 must have a responsible person age 16+ within arm's reach

  • Children over the age of 6 who know how to swim by themselves are able to swim during lifeguard swim by themselves. (Please do not allow your children to swim for more than 2 hours without your supervision.) If your child requires a life jacket or water wings they are not permitted to swim alone.

  • During non-lifeguard hours, children under the age of 14 must have an adult present.

  • In Pool II swimmers under 16 years of age must pass a swim test to be in the deep end and a lifeguard or coach must be present or a parent must remain on deck and act as lifeguard while child is swimming. To schedule a Swim Test contact the aquatic director."

  • Clients are required to shower before entering the pools and hot tubs.

  • If you have open sores or a bloody nose, please do not use the pools, hot tubs or spa area until you are healed.

  • No diving in Pool 1. Diving is allowed in designated areas in pool 2.

  • NO HORSEPLAY  or RUNNING around the pool deck. Please respect lifeguards as they remind you of safety protocols.

  • Children who are not potty-trained MUST wear a swim diaper. (Please take your child(ren) to the bathroom before entering the pools.)

  • We reserve the right to ask non-accommodated clients to please leave the pool area and/or facility. 

SplashDown Cove

Park Rules​

  • Children under 8 years must be supervised by an adult at all times. If the child is a non-swimmer the parent must be within arm’s reach of the child. A swim test is offered for children who want to swim without a parent in the water. If they pass the swim test, they get a wristband to identify that they can swim. A ratio of one adult to every 3 children is required for children under 8. Life jackets and water wings are allowed only when parents are within arm's reach of their child.

  • Children must be 8+ years old and know how to swim to use the water park without an adult supervisor. However, we recommend adult supervision at all times – children can tire out.

  • Shower before entering the pools.

  • NO diving allowed.

  • Proper swim attire is REQUIRED.

  • Children not potty trained must wear a swim diaper. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the service desk or the concession stand. Please take children to the restroom prior to swimming. This is extremely important because fecal accidents require us to close SplashDown Cove.

  • Changing tables are provided in the SplashDown Cove Restrooms.

  • Please no running or rough playing. Play nice.

  • No food or drink is allowed while swimming in our pools. 

Play Structure

  • Children under 8 must be supervised by an adult.


  • Only one rider per slide at a time. Slide feet first, sitting up with arms and hands inside the flume. Leave the plunge pool promptly after entering.  The landing area must be clear before entering the slide.  Follow the instructions of the lifeguards at all times.

  • No running.

  • No tubes, mats, or water wings are permitted on the waterslide.

  • No diving or jumping from the play unit. No climbing on walls. 



  • All riders must be at least 42” tall.

  • The maximum rider weight is 300 pounds.

  • Non-swimmers are not permitted.

  • Wait for instructions from the lifeguard stationed at the slide starter tub.

  • Do NOT attempt to stand up.

  • The line should form on the deck with one rider on each landing and one rider in the starter tub. Wait until the landing area is clear before entering.

  • Riders must be in good health. Elderly persons, those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or persons using prescription medication should consult their physician before using this slide. Individuals with medical conditions including, but not limited to, pregnancy, heart, or back problems should not ride. 

  • Please Leave the run-out area promptly after entering.

  • Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of this slide or failure to follow these rules.

SplashDown Cove
lockers towels tanning

Lockers, Towels & Tanning


Lockers are available at the west end of the Clinic for daily use at no additional charge. The client supplies a padlock to secure the locker. Items left in the locker overnight are removed nightly and put in lost and found. The east end rental locker rooms are for adults only (With the exception of the semi-private women's locker room).  Locker rentals need to have all belongings kept inside of the locker. Items hung outside, put on top or left on the floor may be removed by management. Rental locker fee per month: $18.00 long locker, $12.50 short locker. Contact the service desk or Our Client Advocate to rent a locker.


Don't forget to bring a towel! We do not offer towel service.

Straw Bag

Tanning is reserved for adult clients only with proof of age and must show a photo ID. Only one person in the tanning room per visit. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to tan without parental consent and a written prescription from a doctor (per Washington State Law). If you arrive 10 minutes late for your appointment your time may be cancelled. Trade your keys at the service desk for the key to the tanning bed door.


The entire Clinic is co-ed with the exception of the locker rooms.


Children 6 years and older should use proper lockers rooms.


The family changing room is available for young children and families.

Please do not use the handicap restroom if you do not need it. 


The following rules are in place to ensure all clients with court privileges have equal opportunity to reserve courts. Clients who do not follow the court reservation rules may have their reservation privileges suspended.

  • Tennis courts may only be booked by clients with a Full Clinic wellness membership. Pickleball courts may be booked by clients with a Wellness Basic + PB & Tennis Membership

  • Reservations can be made up to three days in advance. Court reservations are for 90 minutes. 

  • One reservation must be made before a second reservation can be made.

  •  Must be 8 years or older to reserve a court online. For reservations involving children 4-7 years please call the service desk.

  • Only one name is required to reserve a court. The client’s name listed on the court reservation MUST be playing and check-in at the service desk to avoid a NO SHOW fee.

  • Using alternative names as a placeholder is not allowed!

No Show Fee

There is a $10 plus tax “no show” fee charged to the player who is listed on the reservation but does not check in at the service desk.

Late Cancellation

Court cancellations, or edits to the players listed on the court, must be made at least 1 hour prior to the court reservation start time, otherwise, there is a $10 plus tax cancellation fee charged. This fee is split evenly over each player listed on the reservation.

A court cannot be reserved once the reservation start time has passed. Once the start time has passed, open courts are available on a walk-in basis, first come, first served.

  • Please use the tennis corridor when accessing courts and keep talking to a minimum.

  • Players on a court without a reservation may be bumped by players with a reservation.

  •  Appropriate tennis or pickleball clothing required. No black soled running shoes.

  •  Children should not be on the courts unless they are playing tennis or pickleball.

  •  Ball machine is available for a fee. When done, return the ball machine to storage area, lock up & return the key to service desk.

  • Reservations can be made through the PC APP, online or at the service desk.

Walk On Rule
  • A court cannot be reserved once the reservation start time has passed. Once the start time has passed, open courts are available on a walk-on basis, first come, first served.

Fitness Center

The Pacific Clinic weight room is designed to provide our clients with a high-quality workout. We have established policies and procedures to help you accomplish this goal. We hope that by adhering to these policies, you have a safe and productive workout. For health and safety reasons, please DO NOT use equipment without proper instruction. Please consult with a physician before starting an exercise program. 

  • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the weight room, cardio center, fitness center, or express fitness area.

  • Youths 12 & 13 years old must have direct parental supervision at all times while working out in these areas.

  • Youths 12 & 13 years old must check in at the service desk and obtain a bracelet prior to working out.

  • Weight room/fitness center policies must be obeyed. If there are discipline problems with youth, one verbal warning is given. If there is a second occurrence, they lose their privileges.

  • Overtraining can result in injuries. Please use caution! To prevent injuries, always warm up and stretch before working out. 

  • Stop exercising if you become faint, light-headed, or experience shortness of breath, pain, discomfort, or illness.

  • Please consult a physician before resuming your exercise program. 

  • Please limit your workout on cardio equipment to 30 minutes during prime time.

  • Please do not leave valuables unattended. The Clinic is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Safety Rules
  • No sandals or high heels allowed.

  • Plate collars are required when using free-weight equipment. When loading or unloading one side of a barbell, load or unload the other side evenly. Use spotters as required. Please do not slam or drop weights on the floor. Repeat offenders may have their wellness plan suspended or terminated at our discretion.

  • For the safety and courtesy of others please return weights to their proper place. To help keep the equipment clean and dry, carry a towel with you when you work out and wipe off the equipment after each use.

  •  Profanity and inappropriate language, behavior, and clothing are not tolerated. The weight room is not a playroom; horseplay is not tolerated and results in expulsion.

  • No food is allowed in the weight room. Drinks are allowed in spill-proof bottles only.

  • We only allow personal headphone music devices.

  • Please report maintenance problems to the staff immediately

Dress Code

Shirts, shorts/pants, and shoes are required in all areas except in the aquatic areas, and some group fitness classes. Tops must cover the chest and back. Midrift is to be kept to 2 inches or less.  Bottoms must cover the entire groin, butt and the top of your thigh. Clothing with profanity or offensive language are not allowed. Black-soled running shoes are not allowed in the gymnasium or on the tennis, pickleball, or racquetball courts. Proper swim attire is required in the aquatic areas.

fitness center
recovery zone

Recovery Zone

Our mission is to provide a relaxing environment focused on recovery so that you can maximize your results. Enjoy our special blend of equipment designed to help your mind and body recover from the stresses of life, exercise, and injury. The following guidelines have been established for your health and safety.

  • Please consult your physician and read all warnings prior to using the equipment.

  • Stop using the equipment if you feel faint or have discomfort. Please follow station guidelines to avoid detoxing or injury.

  • Prior to using the recovery zone, we strongly recommended you schedule a recovery zone orientation, to learn how to use the equipment. This can be scheduled with recovery zone staff, service desk, or wellness plan services.

  • Please follow posted scheduling policies and follow the maximum time slot for each recovery station.

  • You must be 14+ years to use this area. Aged 14-17 must come during staffed hours or be accompanied by an adult. For additional assistance with recovery stations please come during staffed hours. These can be found on our website and posted on the door.

  • To prevent odors and to keep our recovery stations clean please wear dry clean clothing.

  • Please remove your shoes. Socks are required on all recovery stations in the main room.

  • Please stow your bags in a locker.

  •  Please no food is allowed in the recovery zone. Drinks are allowed in spill-proof bottles only.

  •  Wipe stations after each use. Put away equipment after use.

  • To maintain a relaxing recovery environment, please take phone calls outside of the recovery zone. Headphones required for listening devices.

  • Please report maintenance problems to staff immediately.

  • The Recovery Zone is monitored by cameras, except for private rooms.


Indoor Rock Climbing

These rules and guidelines are designed to mitigate risk while maintaining

a positive and enjoyable environment for the participants. 

Indoor Rock Climbing is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS and cannot be made completely safe.

  • No climbing above the 1st panel on the main wall without a belay.

  •  No bouldering on the main wall without properly deployed crash pads and a spotter.

  •  Only The ROCK belay qualified climbers may belay a climber.

  • Belay-qualified climbers must wear their belay-qualified climbers’ badge at all times.

  •  You must be 15+ years of age to belay.

  • Shirts and closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Inappropriate and distracting behavior is not tolerated.

  • Do not let other climbers in The ROCK during non-supervised hours.

  •  Only PC staff may belay climbers during kids’ climb, birthday parties and family climb.

Bouldering Rules
  • No bouldering above the 3-meter line without a spotter and properly deployed crash pad.

  • No hands EVER above the 4-meter line (top of 4th panel on Imprint wall)

  •  Boulderers must yield to rope climbers.

  • Never EVER boulder over another climber.

  • Ages 13 or under may NOT climb ABOVE the line on the bouldering wall.

Unsupervised Climbing
  • Only belay-qualified climbers with current belay badges may belay a climber.

  • No climbing alone. Adults may climb as long as a second belay-certified adult is in the room to provide safety checks before climbing.

  • Adult spectators may be present but they may not climb unless there is more than one belay-qualified climber in the room.



  • No food is allowed in the gym. Spill-proof containers for water is allowed.

  • No black-soled running shoes allowed

  • No profane language or

  • Un-sportsmanship behavior

  • Please respect equipment

  • No dunking (Except during basketball league)

  • Open gym is any time that the gym is not scheduled for programmed activities.

  • Full-court basketball may be played using the side baskets during non-challenge court times. Half the gym must be left available for non-participants.

  • 3-on-3 basketball games must use the side baskets if there are people waiting.

  • The gymnasium may be used for other activities, such as indoor soccer and Solleyball, during scheduled times. Other kids’ activities may also be allowed. During open gym times, basketball takes priority over other activities.

Contact Us
Contact us!

The Pacific Clinic General Manager:

Shaelah Harmon

Phone: (509) 783-5465 x113 


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