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Level 1

5 - 10 years

Breathing Skills

Mouth closed underwater
Blowing mouth bubbles
Open eyes underwater

Body Positioning Skills

Comfortable in Front Float (face in water)
Relaxed on back - Back Float with help
Comfortable submersions
Intro to Rolling
Intro to wearing goggles

Arm Pattern Skills

Superman Float - arms straight in front when floating on belly
Superman Arms with straight leg (Flutter) Kick
Intro to Monkey, Tree, Rocket Arms - while in Back Float

Leg Pattern Skills

Straight Leg (Flutter) Kick - straight legs instead of bicycling legs
Relaxed legs in Back Float

Safety/Advanced Skills

Listens to teacher and follows most directions
Does not cry
Staying on their chair
Waits for "Ready, Set, Go" prompt
Will grab objects underwater - 3ft. deep
Pencil Jumps
SAFETY DAY: Lifeguards & Life jackets

Contact us!

Star Fish Swim School

Kelli Dunfee, Aquatic Director

Phone: (509) 783-5465 x123


Girls Swimming Underwater
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