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Level 4

5 - 10 years

Breathing Skills

Consistently blows nose bubbles/hmmm bubbles
Can BOB 10 times consecutively
Uses Side Breathing when swimming Freestyle

Body Positioning Skills

Rock & Rolls to Side Breathe
Rock & Rolls with Backstroke Arms

Arm Pattern Skills

Converting 1-2-3 Arms to Freestyle Arms
Intro Backstroke Arms

Leg Pattern Skills

Flutter Kick - long straight legs, no bending at the knee
-does this consistently when swimming on front and back
Intro to Treading Water

Safety/Advanced Skills

Listens to Teacher and follows directions
Streamline off walls on front
Intro to kneeling dives, diving from deck into water 7+ft. deep
Can swim 25 yards Freestyle
Can swim 25 yards Backstroke
SAFETY DAY: Dangerous Behaviors and Rules

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Girls Swimming Underwater
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