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Level 6

5 - 10 years

Breathing Skills

Uses Side Breathing when swimming Freestyle
Breaststroke "pop-up" breathing
Timing for Butterfly "pop-up" breathing

Body Positioning Skills

Rock & Rolls to Side Breathe
Rock & Rolls with Backstroke Arms
Proper Breaststroke position
Intro to Butterfly

Arm Pattern Skills

Freestyle Arms
Backstroke Arms
Breaststroke Arms
Intro to Butterfly Arms

Leg Pattern Skills

Flutter Kick for Freestyle and Backstroke
Breaststroke Kick
Can Tread Water for 2 minutes
Intro to Dolphin Kick

Safety/Advanced Skills

Listens to Teacher and follows directions
Streamline off walls on front and back
Starting Dives
Intro to Flip Turns
Can swim 100 yards Freestyle
Can swim 100 yards Backstroke
Can swim 50 yards Breaststroke
Can swim 25 yards Butterfly
SAFETY DAY: First Aid situations and when to call 9-1-1

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Star Fish Swim School

Kelli Dunfee, Aquatic Director

Phone: (509) 783-5465 x123


Girls Swimming Underwater
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