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Tiny Tot

2.5 years through their 5th birthday.

Breathing Skills

Mouth closed underwater
Blowing mouth bubbles
Open eyes underwater

Body Positioning Skills

Comfortable in Front Float (face in water)
Relaxed on back - Back Float with help
Comfortable submersions
Intro to Rolling
Intro to wearing goggles

Arm Pattern Skills

Superman Float - arms straight in front when floating on belly
Superman Arms with Straight leg (Flutter) Kick
Intro to Monkey, Tree, Rocket Arms - while in Back Float

Leg Pattern Skills

Straight leg (Flutter) Kick - straight legs instead of bicycling legs
Relaxed legs in Back Float

Safety/Advanced Skills

Listens to Teacher and follows most directions.
Does not cry
Staying on their chair
Waits for "Ready, Set, Go" prompt
Will grab objects underwater - 3ft. deep
Pencil Jumps
SAFETY DAY: Lifeguards & Life jackets

Contact us!

Star Fish Swim School

Kelli Dunfee, Aquatic Director

Phone: (509) 783-5465 x123


Girls Swimming Underwater
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